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This Shocking Grief is More Common Than You Think

Inhibitive grief is what happens when you don’t face the loss of a loved one after their service at a funeral home in Oakland, CA. Though it seems shocking, inhibitive grief if very common and it can lead to a variety of emotional and physical issues if its left unaddressed. Here is more about inhibitive grief, why it happens, and what you can do about it:

  • How does inhibitive grief happen? You might end up with inhibitive grief if you put your focus and energy into distractions instead of working through the loss and how it makes you feel.
  • How do you know you have inhibitive grief? People with inhibited grief often show very few outward signs of mourning, but instead begin to experience physical symptoms that are an outward manifestation of their pent-up emotions. Some of the symptoms of inhibitive grief are muscle tension, insomnia, lack of appetite, depression, anxiety, nightmares, and digestive problems. These issues will only worsen if you continue to ignore your grieving.
  • What’s the difference between inhibitive and delayed grief? Inhibitive grief is when you ignore the loss because facing it is too painful or too hard. Delayed grief is when you don’t feel the pain of loss right away, often because you suffered another loss right before and are therefore distracted, such as when you lose and loved one and then your job. You might not feel the pain of losing your job right away because you’re already grieving the loss of your loved one.
  • Why does traumatic loss often lead to inhibitive grief? If you lose a loved one in a traumatic, sudden way, processing the loss might simply be too much for you. So, instead of talking about it, facing it, or otherwise accepting the loss, you push it away. But traumatic grief is hard enough without adding the pain of leaving it unresolved.
  • Why are some people more likely to experience inhibitive grief? In some families, it is a sign of weakness to cry or show emotions. If you grew up this way, you were trained to hold in your emotions and not feel the pain of loss. This will therefore make you more susceptible to inhibitive grief.
  • Can you have inhibitive grief over losses beyond death? Grief can happen after any kind of loss, whether that means a death, move, job loss, divorce, or any other event that causes change in your life.

funeral home in Oakland, CA

No matter how or why you’re experiencing inhibitive grief, you must remember that you are not alone. Grief is a universal emotion. We have all gone through grief at some point, even if we all do it differently. Moving forward from your grief is important so that you can begin to heal. You’ll never forget, but you can move forward, grow, and learn to live again. We are here to help if you want more information on types of grief or Oakland, CA funeral homes. Call or visit us today.

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Photo Memorials for After the Funeral Home

Memorials are such great ways for us to keep our lost loved ones in our hearts and minds after services at funeral homes in Oakland, CA. Photo memorials help keep the memory of your lost loved one alive. You most likely have hundreds if not thousands of photos of your lost loved one. These might depict good times, happy memories, major accomplishments, or just everyday moments.

No matter what the photos are of, they can go a long way in helping you capture and remember the spirit of that special person. Need some inspiration for photo memorials? Here are the best photo memorial ideas to help you find something that’s just right for keeping your loved one close.

  1. Photo Ornament – The holidays can be very hard after a loss. Keep your loved one close to you during the holiday season with a photo ornament. You can have one custom made or you can break out your craft supplies and make one yourself.
  2. Photo Lamp – Like the projection lamp you had in your childhood bedroom, photo memorial lamps have display pictures of your lost loved one while lighting them with a soft, warm glow. You can find lamps in different sizes and photo numbers to suit your needs.
  3. Projection Memorial Jewelry – There are pendants that have prints inside and, when you shine a light through, they project an image of your lost loved one. They are beautiful on their own, but this special secret makes them ideal photo memorials.
  4. Memorial Bookmark – If you or your lost loved one like reading, a memorial photo bookmark is a great choice. Order one or make one yourself and then, every time you sit down to read, you’ll be reminded of your happy memories and the light that was your loved one. You can also have them printed in large quantities to pass out at the remembrance service as well.
  5. Engraved Crystal Photo Print – You can order a piece of crystal enraged with a photo or image of your lost loved one. These crystals are stunning display items and help keep the memory of your loved one close. They also make great bereavement gifts for someone else who’s mourning a lost loved one.
  6. Custom Canvas Print – You can order a large canvas print of a photo of your lost loved one to display in your home. You can also customize the print with a verse, quote, poem or other piece of writing to make it that much more special.
  7. Online Photo Gallery – Most people keep their pictures digital these days. Making an online photo gallery of your lost loved one is not only easier because it doesn’t require any printing, but it’s also easier because everyone can quickly access the photos from their phones or computers. You can use a memorial website or use your loved one’s social media accounts.

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There are so many options available for remembrance items: jewelry, wall collages, albums, paintings, plaques, vases, and candles — the list is almost endless. Perhaps some of the best and easiest memorials, though, are photos. For more on photo memorials or Oakland, CA funeral homes, call or visit us today.

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Beautiful Bereavement Gifts for Grieving Mother

Bereavement gifts are great for showing your support in a personal, unique, and meaningful way. But, as losing a child is a specific type of grief, you can’t give a mother any old bereavement gift. How can you support and comfort a mom after her child’s passing and cremation service in Oakland, CA beyond kind words or prayers?

There are no perfect words or gifts that will soothe the pain of losing a child. However, any gesture of support and love will make a grieving mother feel less alone in her loss. Here are beautiful bereavement gifts for mothers to inspire you:

  1. Molly Bear – These stuffed animals are ideal for mothers who lost babies as they are ordered to match the exact weight of the infant at the time of their death. Perhaps snuggling with the teddy bear will offer her some comfort.
  2. Personalized Ornament – Make or order an ornament personalized with the child’s name or picture so she can honor her lost child every year during the holidays.
  3. Personalized Necklace – Many mothers find comfort in wearing a reminder of their lost child every day. Necklaces make this easily accomplishable. Get her a personalized necklace engraved with a memento of the child, such as their footprint, their name, or their picture.
  4. Food – It’s hard to cook or even order takeout after losing a child. The gift of a hot meal or a frozen dinner for later will always be appreciated by grieving mothers.
  5. Memory Box – After losing a child, there are so many precious items she will want to hold onto and cherish. Give her a memory box to keep these items in so she can look at them and keep them safe for years to come.
  6. Memorial Candle – Many bereaved light candles in honor of their lost loved ones. You can give her a personalized candle to light in remembrance of her child. Personalize it with the child’s photo, name, birthdate, or a comforting quote about loss.
  7. Name in the Sand – Some businesses will build personalized sand artwork in the memory of a lost child and then send a photo of the work to the mother as a token of the act. This is a great gift for the loss of a young child who loved the beach or playing in the sand.
  8. Memorial Quilt – What will she do with all of her little one’s clothing? You can take some of the items and stitch them into a memorial quilt or you can have them sent off so a professional makes the quilt for you. Functional gifts such as these are both beautiful and useful.
  9. Gift Certificate – Perhaps she isn’t ready to go out for a meal, massage, or other act of self-care. Buy her a gift certificate now so she can enjoy it when she’s ready. This will also help show her support after the initial flood of support subsides.

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Losing a child never be easy, so it’s natural to want to comfort mothers in their time of grief.

Do you want more ideas or information on Oakland, CA cremation services? Call or visit us today.

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What You Should Avoid Saying at a Funeral Home

At some point, you will have to offer condolences to someone, so it’s better to come up with a plan now for what to say than to get stuck with the same old, dry phrase that doesn’t mean as much as it should. Telling someone, “I am sorry for your loss,” after a loss and service at a funeral home in Oakland, CA can feel empty. This is because it’s said so often. But what else is there to say?

Here are condolence phrases you can use to offer meaningful comfort and support to someone after they lose a loved one, like “What a wonderful life your XX lived!” The deceased did live a wonderful life. This phrase opens the door for the bereaved to bring up favorite memories of their lost loved one, which helps them process the loss and heal. There’s also “I am so sorry to learn about XX’s passing.” The person you’re comforting loved the deceased dearly. They were important. By mentioning their lost loved one’s name, you’re making your comment much more personal and meaningful.

What about “No words I can offer will make this hurt go away, but I am here for you at this devastating time”? While you’ve gone through losses of your own, you don’t “know” how the deceased feels as you’ve never lost that specific person with that specific relationship in that specific way. Its ok to acknowledge that, and balance that acknowledgement with a promise of ongoing support. “Even though we can’t be together during this difficult time, I am holding you close in my heart” is another good saying. It’s not always possible to make it to a funeral or a memorial service. When sending attendance regrets, you can use this phrase to express that you are still thinking of the bereaved. You can also make it more personal by sending a bereavement gift, a card, or giving them a call.

You can say “Someone as special as XX won’t ever fade from our hearts and memories.” It’s easy for the bereaved to feel that everyone will forget their lost loved one now that they’re gone. This phrase will help them know that you will not forget the deceased and that their legacy will live on. Another good phrase is “My heart breaks with you at the loss of your XX.” The bereaved was someone’s mother, father, son, daughter, sister, brother, aunt, or any other important part of someone’s life. Acknowledging the relationship the bereaved had with the deceased makes your comment more personal.

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It’s important to note that there is nothing technically wrong with saying “I’m sorry for your loss.” There are just more personal, meaningful ways to convey the same sentiment. Don’t worry about it if that’s what you choose to say, if you’ve said it in the past, or if it slips out in the moment. It’s not a hurtful or offensive phrase, and the sentiment is still there despite its overuse. You want to say something to the grieving person that means a little more than this much-repeated phrase.

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