funeral homes in San Leandro, CA

What Do Funeral Homes Do?

Everyone knows about funeral homes. However, very few people can say exactly what funeral homes in San Leandro, CA do. Funeral homes offer a wide array of services, but they have a singular goal: helping people in their time of loss. Grief can make it hard to get through everyday tasks, much less plan a funeral service. That’s where funeral homes come in.

The main way funeral homes help people during their time of loss is by helping make arrangements for the deceased and the funeral or memorial service. This includes more menial tasks like processing the death certificate as well as more involved services like planning the funeral.

You can rely on the right funeral home to provide the clear-headed logic you need to stay organized and deal with the more menial, legal steps surrounding a death like:

  • Gathering information for the death certificate like full name and address, date and city of birth, marital status, and occupation.
  • Recording and collecting documents like account statements, loans and leases, beneficiary information, tax returns, last will, and bill copies to file the death certificate and other legal paperwork.
  • Filing the paperwork and certificates.
  • Making contact with legal counsel if needed.

A funeral home will also usually assign you a funeral director. The funeral director will sit down with you and discuss the deceased’s final wishes and how best to memorialize his or her life. You may discuss ways to personalize the funeral, from the deceased’s favorite sports team, music or hobbies to his or her special memories or accomplishments. A funeral home can help you arrange many funeral details such as:

  • Choosing and contacting a religious official for the service
  • Finding a cemetery or crematory
  • Sending out Obituary and Death notices
  • Purchasing a casket, vault, urn or headstone
  • Choosing and buying books, flowers, registries or cards
  • Hosting the service

A good funeral home can even help you better personalize the funeral arrangements by helping you plan and execute things like:

  • Dove or butterfly releases
  • Monument sales
  • Memorial shirts
  • Customized photos or video presentations
  • Limousine services
  • Burials at sea

Some funeral homes also offer continued support and help with grief. Funeral homes often have accesses to grief resources such as contact information for support groups and councilors, articles and information on grief and the best ways to deal with it, and more specific help for special grief situations like losing a child or a traumatic or unexpected loss.

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