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Beautiful Bereavement Gifts for Grieving Mother

Bereavement gifts are great for showing your support in a personal, unique, and meaningful way. But, as losing a child is a specific type of grief, you can’t give a mother any old bereavement gift. How can you support and comfort a mom after her child’s passing and cremation service in Oakland, CA beyond kind words or prayers?

There are no perfect words or gifts that will soothe the pain of losing a child. However, any gesture of support and love will make a grieving mother feel less alone in her loss. Here are beautiful bereavement gifts for mothers to inspire you:

  1. Molly Bear – These stuffed animals are ideal for mothers who lost babies as they are ordered to match the exact weight of the infant at the time of their death. Perhaps snuggling with the teddy bear will offer her some comfort.
  2. Personalized Ornament – Make or order an ornament personalized with the child’s name or picture so she can honor her lost child every year during the holidays.
  3. Personalized Necklace – Many mothers find comfort in wearing a reminder of their lost child every day. Necklaces make this easily accomplishable. Get her a personalized necklace engraved with a memento of the child, such as their footprint, their name, or their picture.
  4. Food – It’s hard to cook or even order takeout after losing a child. The gift of a hot meal or a frozen dinner for later will always be appreciated by grieving mothers.
  5. Memory Box – After losing a child, there are so many precious items she will want to hold onto and cherish. Give her a memory box to keep these items in so she can look at them and keep them safe for years to come.
  6. Memorial Candle – Many bereaved light candles in honor of their lost loved ones. You can give her a personalized candle to light in remembrance of her child. Personalize it with the child’s photo, name, birthdate, or a comforting quote about loss.
  7. Name in the Sand – Some businesses will build personalized sand artwork in the memory of a lost child and then send a photo of the work to the mother as a token of the act. This is a great gift for the loss of a young child who loved the beach or playing in the sand.
  8. Memorial Quilt – What will she do with all of her little one’s clothing? You can take some of the items and stitch them into a memorial quilt or you can have them sent off so a professional makes the quilt for you. Functional gifts such as these are both beautiful and useful.
  9. Gift Certificate – Perhaps she isn’t ready to go out for a meal, massage, or other act of self-care. Buy her a gift certificate now so she can enjoy it when she’s ready. This will also help show her support after the initial flood of support subsides.

cremation service in Oakland, CA

Losing a child never be easy, so it’s natural to want to comfort mothers in their time of grief.

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